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MAR 12th


Compost is the three course meal for the soil. It's a balanced diet for the microbes and soil animals feeding your garden, and it's easy to make.

Join Sheldon at the compost heap to learn from his many years making compost, and the best ways to make great compost at home!

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APR 9th


Polycropping is a simple way to get more growing in a small space. It also has many benefits for the soil and ecology of your garden. Come along to learn how it works, and see some simple planting guilds in action.

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JUN 11th


Microgreens are a simple way to have year round greens for you and your family. They can be grown in the kitchen or in the garden.

Come along and learn this simple technique, and leave with your first tray to harvest a few weeks later.

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JUL 16th


Learn how we take our seeds from the packet to a strong & healthy seedling ready for transplant. Learn the techniques for the different familes, what soil mix to use and other tips and tricks we have learned over the years of growing.

July is a great time to get your seeds ordered and ready to start your Spring garden, so come along and join us for the first sowings of the new season.

AUG 6th


The soil is literally teeming with life and learning to team up with them is the easiest and most sustainable way to manage your garden soils.

Join us on a journey to meet the life beneath our feet, and learn some principles and techniques to regenerate your garden for seasons to come.


We want to keep these workshops as accessible as possible, so we are offering a pay as you can model.

Use the slider in the registration form below to indicate your contribution per workshop you wish to attend, then you can pay via internet banking or cash at the workshop.

Koha: If making a monetary contribution is not possible, or you would rather offer something else, we are happy to accept koha on the day

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