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By filling out the form below you will be added to our waitlist. We will contact you if a space opens in the CSA.

A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a subscription to a weekly share of Vagabond-grown vegetables. By joining our CSA, your financial contribution and commitment gives us the stability and security to cover the costs of growing and in return we give you a weekly share of our delicious seasonal variety of fresh, local and organic produce. We strive to look after you and your whānau as a CSA member, offering you nutrition, quality, diversity and value in your vege.

Select how long you want to commit to the CSA. You can choose 12 months, 6 months or 4 weeks

Select how often to make a payment. We offer weekly and monthly AP's or an upfront payment

We will take care of the plants, and have your vege ready for pick-up or deliver it to you each week

Select an option, and secure your vege

Sun Vagabond 49 Weeks + 3 free

You’re here to stay! You like to know you’ll have fresh vege all year round.

You are the backbone of our farm to enable us to grow all year round, and get vege all year round. We plan for you in our year’s crop planning

  • Extra treats in your box (e.g. surprise flowers, herbs, recipes, gifts)
  • An invitation to the end of summer farm CSA whānau day
  • First dibs on farm workshops

Seasonal vagabond 25 Weeks + 1 free

You’re keen to support us through a season of growing, consisting of 6 months of weekly vege.

  • Extra treats in your box (e.g. surprise flowers, herbs, recipes, gifts)
  • An invitation to the end of summer farm CSA whānau day
  • First dibs on farm workshops

Moon Vagabond 4 Weeks

Fresh veggies for four weeks.

  • An invitation to the end of summer farm CSA whānau day
  • First dibs on farm workshops

Not sure yet? We have a weekly vege box system at the start of our CSA for those who want to try out a box on a weekly basis. This option will be available until the CSA is fully subscribed. If this is more your cup of tea, you can sign up here.

We chose the CSA model for our farm because of these values that align with our kaupapa:

Real Kai

In the age of the supermarket, it is hard to know where our kai comes from, who grew it and what’s actually in it. Farmers have been pushed into industrial monocropping because that is deemed the only economically viable way to grow food. We want to be part of the change towards a diverse network of small regenerative farms.


The sense of having each other’s backs. We look after you by providing you and your whānau with nutritious food, grown in a way that takes care of the land. In return, as a member you look after us by buying a long term share of produce so we have the means to grow. Knowing that we are backed by our local community, helps us get through the challenges of farming (like wind and rocks!).


The CSA model generates the support required for a small farm like us to be sustainable. It also means resilience in the sense of local self-sufficiency, meaning we are not at the whim of long overseas supply chains. For us, resilience is knowing we are backed despite events that are out of our control. If a sudden hail storm takes out part of the eggplant crop, everyone is disappointed together, and together we share the abundance of a crop that did very well that year.

Low waste

Through knowing all of our customers personally, we can better suit our weekly offerings and packaging to minimize or eliminate unnessecary waste in our weekly food.

A CSA is a model that fosters a reciprocal relationship between the grower, the eater and the whenua (land). This relationship celebrates and supports both the joys and challenges of small scale growing. It is a way of growing connections between people, kai and whenua. The security offered by the CSA members gives stability and cash flow for farm resources as well as paying us farmers a wage. This support allows us to uphold our promise to farm sustainably and take care of this whenua. Members not only have the opportunity to have a relationship with us, the farmers who care for their kai, but they also have a connection with the whenua in which they are grown. We facilitate this by opening our farm to members through planting days, gatherings, workshops, celebrations and also simply the option pick up your vege each week from the farm.


The concept of CSA originated in Japan in the 1960’s, with a group of women who were concerned with the use of pesticides, the increase in imported and processed food and the loss of farmers and farmland. By the early 1970’s, farmers and consumers in several European countries, concerned with the industrialisation of their food system, and formed the CSA model as we know it today. Being part of the CSA allows you to see the weekly changes in the farm and the breadth of skills and the huge amount of work that goes into producing delicious healthful vegetables for your table.

More on CSA models in Aotearoa and Australia

Other CSA's in Aotearoa

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Advantages for you:

  • A variety of healthy and nutrient dense food
  • Knowing where and how your food is grown
  • Being able to visit our farm, and us!
  • Getting exposed to new vegetables and new ways of cooking
  • Fun for your whānau, kids favour veggies from ‘their’ farm
  • Getting to know like-minded people in your community
  • Educational: workshops on how to grow, preserve and cook!

Advantages for us:

  • Payment in advance for the purchase of seed and other input funds
  • The ability to plan ahead for the amount of families to feed, meaning less excess and waste
  • Year-long support, also through winter when crops are less abundant
  • An opportunity to connect to the people who eat the kai we grow