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Main St Cart Times

We will be selling from a street cart on Main St at the times below.

In the the new year, we will be selling from the cart every Sunday.

DEC 11th 9am - 12pm DEC 23rd 9am - 12pm JAN 2nd 9am - 12pm

Finding The Cart

91 Mein St, Greytown     See on Google

Between Blackwell's bookshop and the library.

Salad Mix $7

You can't get salad fresher! A mix of field lettuces, micro-greens and edible flowers. This salad is the bomb both for flavour and texture.

Chard $4

Chard - or rainbow silverbeet - adds great color to the vege draw. Ours is currently sweet and crunch and can be enjoyed raw. We love making saag with our chard!

Kale $4

We currently have Cavolo Nero - great for making kale chips; and Blue Ridge - a classic curly variety. Both are tasting fab and go well in most dishes, in green smoothies, or an addition to salads.

Zucchini $1.50

First of the season. A very versatile vegetable in stir frys, pasta, curry and so much more.

Radish $3

A classic vege. Perfect in salads or sandwiches to give some spice. Also great for adding to preserves.

Coriander $2

Arguably one of the best herbs. Great in thai food, or as a garnish.

Turnip $3

A suprising and under-rated vegetable. Such a great addition to salads or just as a snack. Sweet, but also earthy.